DATE : 09-04-15 16:06
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ADMOTECH Inc. Ltd. (Hereinafter ADMOTECH) warrants each product of its manufacture to be free from any defect in material and workmanship for a period of one year after delivery to the original buyer.

The limit of liability under this warranty shall be to repair or replace any product, or part thereof, which proves to be defective after inspection by ADMOTECH. This warranty shall not apply to any ADMOTECH product that has been disassembled, modified, physically or electrically damaged, or to any product that has been subjected to conditions exceeding the applicable specifications or ratings.

ADMOTECH shall not be liable for any direct or consequential injury, loss or damage incurred through the use, or the inability to use, any ADMOTECH product.

ADMOTECH reserves the right to make design changes to any ADMOTECH product without incurring any obligations to make the same changes to previously purchased units.

This warranty is the full extent of obligation and liability assumed by ADMOTECH with respect to any and all ADMOTECH products. ADMOTECH neither makes, nor authorizes any person to make, any other guarantee or warranty concerning ADMOTECH products.

If the unit at anytime has any problems it would have to be shipped back to ADMOTECH location for warranty repair or replacement. In this case, the following procedure has to be followed:
1. A detailed default report needs to be sent to (, after evaluation by ADMOTECH’s QA department, the RMA will be assigned. Only after the RMA is assigned, then the shipment can be arranged.

2. For the shipment to come back would be paid by the buyer and once the unit has been repaired or replaced and ready to be shipped back to the buyer, ADMOTECH will pay for the shipping back to the buyer.

3. Returned units will undergo complete test and evaluation. Replacement and or/repair will be determined only after ADMOTECH has determined the cause of the failure. All units returned are subject to evaluation charge when: 1) The units meet full specifications and do not require repair, or 2). failures due to excessive stresses caused by rough handling or overload during test or installation at the customers’ location.

4. ADMOTECH is not responsible for failures due to excessive stresses caused by rough handling or overload during test or installation at the buyers’ location; nor can ADMOTECH be responsible for damage caused by improper operation or faulty power supplies.

5. Every precaution is used at the factory to insure that every unit meets all electrical and mechanical specifications prior to shipment. Buyer, by his issuance of a purchase order or similar instrument, accepts this warranty. The applicable law of South Korea shall be used for interpretation and adjudication of this warranty and related work order or purchase agreement.